Illusions [Poetry]

look in the mirror that’s the ghost of you a fraction of a second ago I look into my lover’s eyes and she seems alive though I know we’re wilting


Salvaging the Antique Plumbing [Poetry]

This baggy old structure features three or four bathrooms walled in, sealed off decades ago. Ghosts won’t rattle my dentures, rats and mice won’t trouble my soul, but I hope that big grisly spiders won’t appear when I burst the walls to salvage the antique plumbing.

Prose and Prompts: The First Step in a Writing Journey [Adele’s Advice]

If you’re craving to write something new, experimental, or you want to explore a topic, even jumpstart a stalled writing project, a writing prompt can be a great catalyst. Some writers generate enough ideas on their own—thank you very much—without what may feel like an assignment. But a writing prompt, as short as a word or not words at all, can free the writer to explore new terrain for the thrill of seeing where the journey leads.