A Drifting Mist [Poetry]

Darkness clings to light, a delicate gray cushion of hope.


Find Your Passion and You’ll Find Your Style—and Your Voice [Ask Adele]

I’ve been writing most of my life, starting around age eight with poems and journal entries. Writing then was natural; I wrote because I had something to say about the world, and if there was no one to talk to, well, I could talk on paper. It wasn’t until after I’d been working a few years as a press correspondent and an editor that I discovered my voice. It happened when I wrote on a topic I felt passionate about, at a time when I was angry.

Prose and Prompts: The First Step in a Writing Journey [Adele’s Advice]

If you’re craving to write something new, experimental, or you want to explore a topic, even jumpstart a stalled writing project, a writing prompt can be a great catalyst. Some writers generate enough ideas on their own—thank you very much—without what may feel like an assignment. But a writing prompt, as short as a word or not words at all, can free the writer to explore new terrain for the thrill of seeing where the journey leads.