Poet for Hire [Guest Q&A]

I’ve been writing poetry since I was 17, and I grew up with typewriters; my father was a bit of a hoarder and he had about 12 of them all around the house. Even though I used typewriters for writing poems, it wasn’t until I met Robert that it ever occurred to me to take one into the street. Even after I met him and saw him doing it, at first I refused to believe that I was capable of writing spontaneously.

On Writing, Even When You Falter [Q&A]

At times I do lose faith in writing, but it is more driven by negative inputs from people around. These inputs maybe like: What do you earn out of writing? Is it your bread and butter? You are rejected by so many publishers (despite not asking about any payment), so what’s the fun in doing something where you only get rejections? Can you earn a living out of writing? Who will take care of family and daily life needs?