About us, we are writers. We are readers. We are poets. We are novelists. We are journalists. We are editors. We are professors. We are students. We are every interested party in the wide realm of English studies.

We are the Hamline University English Department. This is our blog. We welcome declared majors, major wannabes, or English hobbyists. If you classify yourself as a writer, avid reader, or a literary soul you’ll find a place here.

With this blog, we’ll write, share, and curate content to encompass the multi-faceted entity of English from the creative side with short stories, poems, and works of literary art to the more technical side of the craft, tips and tricks on writing; navigating the multitude of resources available to writers in the Twin Cities; and discussing issues faced by the community or sharing events within it and onward.

We strive to be a place for discussion, thoughtful commentary and critics, and a place of interconnected growth for everyone in the literary community.