Sudeep Sen: A Symphony Of Words [Featured Poet]

Sen’s poetry is replete with rich use of language, fine imagery and a literary seductive intent. There is an unmistakable symphony in his verses that compels comparisons with elegant, classical music. His poetry should be read slowly, the way one might sip a prized wine.


Strike Not [Short Story]

Las esperanzas engordan pero no maintienen. Hope fattens, but it doesn't keep you alive. It turned noon as David Alvarez raised the roof of the Crusher. With short little explosive sounds, the Rambler lying in the Crusher’s bed released tension from its new shape, as if it tried to pop its bones back into its joints. The compressor topped up its pressure, and when the gauge showed right for a fast restart, David turned off the diesel. He removed his earmuffs and hardhat, and the sound in the air flipped from deadness to singing quiet. At that moment, in the time between the crush and the removal of the metal block that had been a car, things felt preternaturally frozen. Then a woman cried out.