The Purloined Guarneri [Short Story]

 Today was a harrowing day.  Dozens of wounded came in every hour from fighting around Londonderry.   Ciara often assisted her father Chief Surgeon Eion Ó Conchobhair during amputations.  When a separated limb lay next to its owner on the operating table, she placed it down on the blood-soaked sawdust floor and quickly returned for the closure and bandaging. Three oversized zinc pails were always filled with amputated limbs; consigned later for burning.  The orderlies responsible for destroying them and scouring the buckets from surgeries after the grueling day’s work, were either too busy elsewhere or laying about too drunk to care.


Breaking Up With Batman [Fiction]

Magda had earned the title of The Break-up Artist, and she grew to like it because it made her feel that what she did was in the same category as dancers, novelists, and those people who draw cartoons of people at Six Flags Over Georgia. As a job title, it had never been her idea, but it worked, so she even used the title for her Facebook page, the business one. The job she was on, or as she sometimes called it if she had to include any surveillance work, her mission, was for her friend, Laney. The two of them slumped down in Magda’s car, watching.