The Twin Cities is a rich mecca for the literary community. The hardest part of connecting creatively is often finding the right place. Peruse our available resources for finding places to publish, events to attend, theater to watch, and other assorted outlets.

This page is organized into categories to help you jump to where you’re going, but some resources may overlap. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the first section you look, glance through the others.

 Reading | Writing | Publishing|Theater


Avid readers tend to be constantly on the lookout for two major things: people who read the same book as them last and the next book to read. Our reading resources intend to help find community locations for reviews, discussions, or book clubs.

Book Review Blogs

The Indie View – Focused on self-published e-books across various genres with reviewers from around the world. Authors can set up pages once reviewed and some offer free book promotions for new releases.

Omnivoracious – Amazon’s own book review page with individual reviews and compiled topic and must-read type articles.

Book Riot – Reviews on books in a range of tones and voices and on a wide range of books.

The Millions – Their section on books is broad, organized by book/author and includes reviews and articles about the books. Great for finding something to read and thinking about what you’ve read.

Books I Done Read – A book review blog with a heavy dose of personal tidbits and a strange sense of humor.


Broader Literary Sources (For Reading About Literary Topics)

Bustle – Books Section – With topics ranging from news concerning authors, early book snippets, book clubs, specific book features, and literary topics in other areas (book-themed gifts or book adaptations in film/tv, for examples).

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Being in such a rich, literary town is only a benefit if someone can find all the resources around. Writing resources focus on finding literary centers, classes, and other resources for the act of writing in itself.

The Loft

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Once something is written, often times the goal is to publish. However, that’s not so easy to achieve sometimes. Publishing resources aim to help connect writers with publishing outlets and pick the best one(s) to pursue.

On-Campus Publications

If you’re currently a student at Hamline University, one of the best places to start with publishing is on-campus publications. They tend to be smaller and restricted to students, so the chances of publication is higher.

For non-fiction and journalism,

Canvas Magazine | Canvas is a creative approach to non-fiction that publishes once a semester. They do pay their contributors.

The Oracle | The Oracle is the on-campus newspaper. They publish traditional, journalistic content in News, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Opinion, and Variety. They do pay and hire reporters for repeated publishing.

Her Campus | Her Campus is a regional charter of the larger Her Campus publication. They publish weekly on a wide range of lifestyle-focused non-fiction content. They are more flexible in topics and writing styles. They do pay contributors.

For fiction and poetry,

The Fulcrum | Fulcrum is an arts and literary magazine on Hamline’s campus.

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Literary Publications

Below is our compilation of literary journals and publications that publish shorter pieces and may or may not include short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction. The emphasis is on local publications to the area.

  1. Ascent [Concordia College – Moorhead] publishes stories, poems, photographs, and essays.
  2. Blue Earth Review [MNSU – Mankato] publishes poetry, creative nonfiction, and flash fiction.
  3. The Corresponder [MNSU – Mankato] publishes reviews of Minnesota authors.
  4. Dislocate [UMN] publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art.
  5. Paper Darts publishes fiction and nonfiction (1,000 word limit) with a focus on “underrepresented voices” and stories that are “norm-challenging.”
  6. Saint Paul Almanac [Saint Paul] publishes stories and poems (650 word limit) with a focus on stories set in Saint Paul are are “beyond the facts” to personal experiences. Accepted submissions are paid $50 and a free almanac.

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Online Resources

Other than places to publish and our own blog, there’s a wealth of authoritative sites and collections around the web to help through the publication process.

The Book Designer – Run by Joel Friedlander who uses his background in book design, advertising, and graphic design for articles about a range of publishing related topics and a Self-Publishing Road Map.

The Write Life – An eclectic site that covers the multitudes of ways to get paid writing whether through publishing, self-publishing, freelancing, or blogging and then ways to promote what you are doing.

Jane Friedman Blog – A whole lot of articles on a wide range of topics related to publishing from Jane Friedman who has been teaching and involved in the publishing industry for 20+ years.


Theater is a wonderful outlet for entertainment, important conversations, and a study in dialogue. Finding (and affording) theater can prove difficult so we’ve done the work for you. A color-coded calendar of current theater by price.¹

|| Due to lack of use, this calendar is not up-to-date, if you miss it, let us know and it may be revived! ||

Free/Pay-as-Able = Red | Under $10 = Orange | $11-$20 = Yellow | $21-$35 = Green | $36- $50 = Turquoise | $50 – $100 = Blue | $100+ = Purple

*Price organization is based on the lowest available price including any student discount. 

¹Information can change. Always use our calendar as a starting point, then continue to the theater or troupes own website or page for your final planning.

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