Déjà vu All Over Again: When and How to Revisit Your Work [Adele’s Advice]

Take, for example, The Great Gatsby. What helped F. Scott Fitzgerald create this classic was the rewrite. He already knew the time because it was his time and high society because it was his society. But before Gatsby became a novel, Fitzgerald wrote the story many times in many ways, including as shorter pieces. The end result? Nary a cliché and no real ambiguity, only Fitzgerald's practiced hand at not revealing everything until the end.

Find Your Passion and You’ll Find Your Style—and Your Voice [Ask Adele]

I’ve been writing most of my life, starting around age eight with poems and journal entries. Writing then was natural; I wrote because I had something to say about the world, and if there was no one to talk to, well, I could talk on paper. It wasn’t until after I’d been working a few years as a press correspondent and an editor that I discovered my voice. It happened when I wrote on a topic I felt passionate about, at a time when I was angry.