A Life of Writing [Q&A]

Poetry filled the pages as if it was my first tongue or a primitive utterance that just came out when my censors were “off.” The early me was quantity over quality and that mountain of poems was angsty and terrible, of course. But you could say the form “grew” up with me, and poetry was ever present. Like a shadow. Training wheels. A body cast. The cocoon from which I would eventually emerge.

On Writing, Even When You Falter [Q&A]

At times I do lose faith in writing, but it is more driven by negative inputs from people around. These inputs maybe like: What do you earn out of writing? Is it your bread and butter? You are rejected by so many publishers (despite not asking about any payment), so what’s the fun in doing something where you only get rejections? Can you earn a living out of writing? Who will take care of family and daily life needs?

8 Tips for Unpublished Authors

I’d always dreamt of writing a novel, and an idea had been floating in my head. The story consumed me with an inexplicable force, and the class’s themes compelled me to write the words down. That night after class, I sat down and I started writing, never thinking anyone would ever read the words. Each night when I came back to my story, I chided myself for wasting my precious time. At the end of summer, I shoved the faded green notebook underneath my bed to collect dust. I abandoned the dream, but the story never quite abandoned me. I came back to it the next summer and the next until finally I had a complete manuscript.