Hamline Lit Link intends to connect current and past students within, or interested in, the realm of the English major. We are constantly looking for submissions of various types of writing.

Submission Guidelines

We accept:

  • Short Fiction Stories (4,000 word limit)
  • Flash Fiction (1,000 word limit)
  • Poetry
  • Essays- any variety of essay (3,000 word limit)
  • Literary Lifestyle- articles or features on writing habits/tips, resources, literary event coverage or other facets of living a literary lifestyle (No word limit, within reason)
  • Commentary/Opinion- involving personal reflection or informed commentary, reviews are categorized differently (No word limit, within reason)
  • Reviews- books and theater reviews preferred (1,500 word limit)
  • Non-Fiction- creative and scholarly, must pertain to the literary focus of the site (4,000 word limit)
  • Interviews- basic Q/A formatted interviews with authors, publishers, editor, or other related parties.

All pieces, besides interviews, are only accepted as completed pieces. Interviews may be pitched as ideas required that the interview has already been approved by the interview subject.

If you have a submission idea that you believe belongs on our site, but doesn’t seem to fit the above categories, feel free to contact us with a pitch.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your work, you consent to the terms and conditions listed. 

  • We reserve the right to edit any content for appropriateness or technical/grammatical clarity.
  • Submitter reserves the rights to the work and may submit elsewhere. Hamline Lit Link intends to be a place not just for sharing of work, but for accepting criticism or feedback to support other endeavors. However, work should be of a final draft level, we will not accept unfinished or unpolished pieces.
  • We will accept submissions that have already been published, though we prefer to see new work. Work that has been published on a small scale (such as a personal blog/page/social media account or within class work) we’d enjoy giving greater exposure. Please be upfront if its already been published and refer us to where.
  • We reserve the right to re-post your work on our affiliated sites and publications including, but not limited to, social media or physical printing.
  • Contributors are not paid, but are fully credited.

How To Submit 

To submit, send an email to HamlineLitLinkSubmissions[at]

In the subject include the title (or content tag), submission category, and word count. Submissions can be attached via Microsoft Word documents or shared via Google Documents. Include a personal biographical statement in the third person (either attached on in body of the email).

Example of Subject Line: Why I Hate Giraffes [Essay – 2,852 words]

Pitches may be written in the body of the text. In the subject line, include the intended content and submission category with “PITCH” before.

Example of Subject Line: PITCH: Interview with a Giraffe I hate [Interview]

Within the body of the email, include your name, affiliation with Hamline (if any), your preferred contact information, and a biographical statement/paragraph written in the third person.