Paranormal Romance: its Success and Appeal [Essay]

A four-books series focused on vampires and werewolves was suddenly placed on the New York Times Bestseller list and was garnering international attention. Crying and screaming young girls, Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts, and vampire-themed merchandise became the new normal once he Twilight craze took off. As expected, among the crazy fanatics were the haters who criticized the author on her lack of talent and writing skills.


It’s Not as Deep as You Think: Navigating the Murky Waters of Starting-Out [Guest Post – Essay]

So you wrote a book. Congratulations! So did everyone else. One of the most common questions I get asked is, What now? What happens next? How does a writer proceed beyond this phase, and why is the world of publishing so inaccessible past the writing stage? How do I venture out, and how do I get noticed? I’m here today to take a little mystery out of this process, so you can feel safer in your lifeboat as you navigate the murky waters of starting-out.

Rooms Never Without Views [Essay]

In America, one might have an attic, a cubbyhole, but in France an entire, once livable room is preserved for the past's relics because days gone by deserve their own private enclave. A chest of priest's vestments in perfect condition from, no one knows for sure, 1920s? Newspapers in yellow bundles that crumble apart rotten communion hosts. They detail events of world wars and the deaths of presidents. Boxes of dolls from many childhoods of at least three generations of women. Life size babies with disconcertingly human eyes and coifs of horsehair. A tin container containing medallions of religious belief: blue jewel Marys, crosses with green serpents entwined, other crosses with ornately tortured Jesuses in tears of blood, and simple Celtic-like crosses aged in bumpy accretions of tarnish and mold obscuring silver plating. A find to excite even the staunchest of atheists. Boxes of postcards from such places as Lourdes, the Pyrénées, Corsica, Paris, Nice, Menton, Tunisia, Algiers– Europa Exotica. The photos they contain...