Resisting Arrest [Poetry]

This is a poem by Alex Phuong.

Uniting uniformed unity

You and I defy the sky

Team work and collaboration

Up to personal discretion

Civil Rights


Minorities against majorities

Stick to the status quo

But should we…?


Defy thy stars

And seek new avenues

Harness the power of creativity

And merge sense with sensibility

“Utopia” was conceived by Thomas More

But all must still must strive for more

For he was A Man for All Seasons

Arrests might be criminal

But people cannot be subliminal

If they want to break free

Listen to words of wisdom from me

“Know thyself, be thyself, harmoniously”

Alex Andy Phuong graduated from California State University-Los Angeles with his Bachelor of Arts in English in 2015.  His writing has appeared in The Bookends Review, Society of Classical Poets, and Wilderness House Literary Review #12/4. Alex writes with the sincerest hope to inspire readers.

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