It’s Being Loved [Poetry]

This is a poem by Ashley Nelson. 

It’s being loved but forgetting what it feels like

It’s realizing why you doodle flowers at the top of your paper

you are so used to being stepped on or picked to be thrown away

It’s a yearning to be laid next to and looked at

like you’re something so pure and delicate yet fragile

It’s being and feeling like you’re not being

It’s feeling and feeling all the damp feelings

It’s like the stem is my neck and I’m more pale than ever before

It’s like wilting but somehow still making it to class

doodling those flowers in the morning

It’s being thrown away but not forgetting what it feels like

I know I am as soft as those rose petals

I know I am falling apart

petal by petal

but damn it I just want someone to save me in a book

press away the unwanted rain drops

because it’s being loved and remembering what it feels like

Ashley Nelson is a first generation student at Hamline University.  She is planning to major in Sociology and minor in Psychology during her time at Hamline.  Her goal is to attend graduate school and receive a masters in social work to work with youth and mental health. She has been writing poetry since she was eight years old and published her first piece Sophomore year of high school in a national book through Creative Communication.  She has since published five other pieces.  Ashley is interested in continuing her work with poetry within her future career plans. 

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