Why Wattpad is a Good Place to Start [Guest Post]

This is a guest post by Lakshmi Padmanaban.

Why Wattpad is a Good Place to Start for New Writers

What is Wattpad?

For all those who haven’t heard about Wattpad, Wattpad is an online website on which any writer can post their stories and anyone can read those stories, all these for free!

There is not a single thing for which you have to pay on Wattpad. All that is required is an interest in writing and a flair for it. It is a great platform to showcase your writing skills and receive feedbacks from it. Wattpad is also available as an app for all Android, ios and Windows users.

How does it work?

It is quite simple. If you are a writer, you create an account on Wattpad and start posting your stories. It is not necessary that you have to post a fully completed story. Writers can start with a few chapters and the remaining can be updated as per the writer’s choice whenever and how much ever they want to.

For readers, one can just browse through the different stories according to the genre and add it to our reading list. For any uncompleted story, updates will be received whenever the writers update their stories.

What benefits can writers reap?

  • Well, to start with, writers don’t need to look for publications to publish their stories. Various publications actually go through Wattpad regularly and sign up writers for their publishing house! There are many writers whose stories have been published by big publications after being published on Wattpad.
  • Freedom to write! No time frame to write, no one to dictate the length of each chapter, or when to update. Each writer can write at their own suitable time and update whenever they want to.
  • You need not stick to one genre. If you feel you want to switch from romance and write a story in horror, just go ahead!
  • If you don’t want to reveal your real identity in Wattpad, don’t worry, because you don’t need to show your true self!
  • For first-time writers, there is larger scope to receive both positive and negative criticisms and work on it. The interactions with readers are direct, hence it is easier to comprehend what the readers expects from the writers.
  •  It can be used to even grow your writing habit. If once, your story is received well, you can’t stop yourself from posting next chapter and waiting for feedback.
  • No need to spend money at any time. Talent is all that is needed to grow high in Wattpad community.
  • The more readers one gets, the more are the chances of getting noticed by some publishing company.
  • There is a separate Wattpad forum where one can interact with fellow writers and readers, and have discussions with them on various topics.
  •  If you get more likes in Wattpad, then you can become a Wattpad celebrity!
  • There are also many groups of Wattpad in other social networking sites and in some places, there are local meets being held, where you can meet your fellow Wattpaders face-to- face!

Wattpad is a really an exciting place for new writers to write their hearts out, get feedback from readers, understand what the readers wants and improve one’s writing.

If you have some stories written and kept hidden at the back of your drawer, thinking if it will be good enough to allow anyone to read it, it is time to pull it out and give it a shot!

Lakshmi Padmanaban is a blogger, who blogs about Wattpad and its stories’ reviews in her blog, Wattpad Review Corner. Her mainstream job is an Engineer, but because of her passion to write, she has written articles in The Hindu; a daily newspaper, Vanity No Apologies; a beauty website and is currently a senior writer of the polymag, 7tint. The art of weaving words into metaphorical yet lively scenes in front of one’s mind fascinates her and keep her on toes to write regularly.

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