Flowers [Poetry]

This is a poem by Chloe McElmury.

i’m homesick but not for a place
my home is him
he is where my flowers grow
watered by the tears of our arguments
and blossomed by the talks of the future

i don’t know why i’m crying
it won’t help anything
my flowers are with him
entrusted in his care
but he doesn’t know they need watering
he just assumes they grow

sometimes they don’t need saltwater
but they absorb the love we feel
the laughter shared, the moments made
the passion boiled, and the snoring in the

i hardly worry about if they’ll die
they’ve made it this long
they can make it four more years
maybe less, maybe more
they have to.

if they die, we die too

Chloe McElmury is a life-long writer of all things from poetry to song lyrics. She loves her opportunity as Editor-in-Chief for Hamline’s Odyssey team. She manages Hamline creators looking to gain valuable writing experience. As Editor-in-Chief, she gets to edit and work with her creators on producing diverse content each week.
She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Arts with Management and Professional Writing minors at Hamline University. She plans to graduate in 2019. Along with her Odyssey experience, she writes for The Oracle newspaper as an opinion columnist.

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